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Window Tinting

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime manufacturers warranty on all films stocked and installed.

A flawless finish

Perfect dust, debris and crease free finishes every time.

99.9% UV protection

Reduce heat and glare with 99.9% ultra-violet light protection.



Window tint is an ultra thin, self-adhesive film that’s applied to the inside face of the glass on your vehicle. The film itself provides a layer of protection that safeguards passengers, pets and vehicle interiors from harmful UV light.


We stock and install high quality films that carry a lifetime warranty, we also offer a 5 year fitting warranty on installations. It's also worth noting that window tint film is semi-permanent, so it can be easily removed if you sell your vehicle or return it at the end of hire lease.

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Expert Installation

We have extensive experience installing film on almost every type of vehicle from daily drivers and commercial vehicles to motorhomes and exotic/prestige/sports cars.

Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for flawless installations and showroom standard finishes. Our workshop is purpose built and is a controlled environment, this means we can guarantee perfect results, every time.

A Wide Range of Films

Window tint film is graded by percentage (the amount of light allowed to pass through the film). 


We stock a wide range of films to suit your needs, from very light shades (95%) through to super dark, limousine type shades (2.5%) that block out most of the light. We also stock various speciality and safety (anti-shatter) films.

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