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__Additional Services__


Custom Services

Aside from our core categories, we offer various other custom services that allow you to personalise and customise your vehicle even further. We're working closely with other local business to continually extend our list of bespoke solutions.


A popular choice for many of our customers, de-chroming is an inexpensive way to colour code chrome trims and chrome parts of your vehicle with a semi-permanent vinyl that can be later removed if necessary.

Brake Calliper Colour-coding

We offer a full custom colour change service for disc brake callipers. This service includes removal of existing callipers,  shot blasting, painting and then re-fitment of the callipers.

Tinted Sun Strips

Tinted sun strips are a great way to reduce glare from low sun light, particularly notable in the winter months.  The strips reduce light coming through the top of the screen but are also transparent and therefore do not restrict visibility through the windscreen. We can install strips in many different shades of film from super light film to darker, heavier films.

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