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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

6 year warranty

Fading, discolouration and adhesion issues are a thing of the past.

Protection to 120mph

Our paint protection film is tested against stone-chips and scuffs to 120mph.


A self healing top layer that repairs itself after light scuff and impact.



Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a durable transparent film that creates an almost invisible outer layer of protection over the paintwork and vulnerable areas of your vehicle.


When professionally installed, PPF provides a protective outer skin on your vehicle that can withstand whatever is thrown at it, from stonechips on the motorway/racetrack to damaged incurred on a day-to-day basis such as carpark dings, pet induced damage,  and high speed stonechips induced on the race track. 

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We tailor make each and every piece of PPF we install (as opposed to using templates or pre-manufactured kits), this allows us guarantee perfect results every time and offer the most cost-effective solution, simply show us the areas of your vehicle that need protecting and we'll do the rest. 


Over the years, we've installed PPF on everything from boats to bicycles and even speaker systems! So if you have a custom application, feel free to get in touch.


The Film

We only stock and install premium PVC based film that has self-healing attributes. The film itself is fully removable, contains UV filters that prevent yellowing or discolouration, and has a strong acrylic glue that can withstand all weather conditions and temperatures.

The film has a glossy, smooth finish (just like factory paint) and all installations carry a 6 year warranty.

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