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Ceramic Coating

Unparalleled Gloss

A hard, liquid layer of glass that provides a water-repellent super gloss over existing factory paintwork.

Wash Less Often

The ultimate layer of paint sealant means your paint stays clean for longer and repels dirt, debris and liquid.

5 years of protection*

Protect your paintwork from traffic film, bugs and tree sap.
*When maintained correctly.



Ceramic coating is the ultimate paint sealant, it's an invisible layer of liquid glass that is bonded to your factory paint using nano technology. It makes your paintwork glossier, harder (normal paint is 3H and ceramic coating is typically 10H), more durable and repellent.

We stock various different types of ceramic coating, so we can not only offer paint protection, but ceramic protection for wheels, glass, fabric and other parts of your vehicle interior.

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We're approved re-sellers of Ceramic Pro® products which are widely regarded as market leaders in ceramic protection. Our fully trained and qualified technicians, begin treatment to paintwork with a multi-stage polish and paint correction process prior to ceramic application. This is to remove any imperfections, make sure the paint is absolutely perfect and ensure it's contaminant free so that the ceramic coating bonds correctly.


Each layer of coating applied to your paintwork is properly cured in a controlled environment to guarantee best results. 

Ceramic Products

We stock a wide range of Ceramic Pro® products for various applications, these products are specifically designed for professional use and are tried and tested in all weather conditions.  These ceramic coatings provide up to 5 years protection when maintained regularly and correctly.

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