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Your vehicle,

your way.

Personalise your vehicle with the local window tint, paint protection, ceramic coating and vehicle wrapping professionals.


Whether its style, comfort, security or privacy you are looking for, we stock and install a wide range of automotive window films to suit your needs.


And with years of professional experience installing window tint for private customers and trade, your vehicle is in the best hands. 


Protect vulnerable areas of your vehicle paintwork from stone chips, scratches and scuffs that could result in costly paint corrections or re-sprays.


Paint protection film provides a transparent, near invisible barrier that’s chip resistant up to 120mph.


Coat your entire vehicle with a liquid layer of glass to create a super glossy and water repellent barrier that protects against bugs, traffic film and tree sap.


Ceramic coating bonds to your paintwork and when well maintained, ensures an unparalleled gloss for up to 5 years. Ceramic coating is an invisible.


Colour code your paintwork, mirrors, roof, bonnet or any part of your vehicle with vehicle wrapping vinyl. Available in almost any colour and fully removable, vehicle wrapping is a smart way to customise the appearance of your vehicle. 

Expertly installed, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between vinyl and paint.



Due to the bespoke and complex nature of our work, quotations and estimates are generated following a short conversation or consultation which is always free of charge. Rest assured, we continually strive to remain competitive and provide

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